Your local roofing and cladding experts working in Wellington, Kapiti Coast, Palmerston North and everywhere in-between

DTM Roofing takes pride in being a local family run roofing company. Based in Paraparaumu the company works from Wellington to Palmerston North on a variety of roofing and cladding projects for home owners, developers and business owners. The company was started in 2014 by Terry Morgan wife Kate and son Daniel. Terry has been working as a roofer for over 40 years and trained Daniel, who has been a roofer now for over a decade. Both are Licensed Building Practitioners. Kate takes on the important administration role in the business. All of this means that DTM Roofing can deliver vast experience when it comes to roofing and metal cladding for homes and commercial properties.
Importantly living and working in a coastal region means that Terry and Daniel bring vast experience as to the specific requirements for roofing in each area to ensure the roof lasts the distance and provides customers with good value for money as well as back up if needed. For example if you live within a certain distance from the ocean you need aluminium roofing. Choose the wrong product and you will not be covered by warranties. That's where the expertise of DTM Roofing proves invaluable to clients to ensure they have the right product for the correct application and are fully covered.

DTM Roofing offers a 5 year warranty on workmanship and a 15 year product warranty.